My facebook account was hacked by someone: Complete solution here

My facebook account was hacked by someone, Complete solution here

My facebook account was hacked by someone: Complete solution here

If you think that your Facebook account has been hacked or someone else is using it, then you should go to Facebook's official website, from there you will get full help.

It is possible that your Facebook account has been hacked by someone if you notice that:

If Your email address or password has been changed.

If Your name or birthday has changed.

If Friend requests have been sent to people you don't know.

If Messages have been sent that you didn't write.

If The Posts have been made that you didn't create.

Now what you have to do, some tools and tips, we will tell you how you can secure your account.

Q.1 What can I do to keep my Facebook account secure??

We are telling you some steps by which you can secure your Facebook account:

Step1: Protect your password or Create a strong password

a.You do not have to open your Facebook password on any online link anywhere. And don't tell anyone your password

b.You should always create a strong password, do not use your name, date of birth, etc.

Step2: Never share your login information with anyone

a. Scammers can create a website like Facebook, so you have to be careful with such people. First of all check the website URL properly it would be and also you have to write it on your browser yourself

b. Don't save your email or password on your browser cookies your friends can see the cookies of your Facebook account

Step3: Don't accept friend requests from people you don't know

a. Scammers can send you a friend request by creating a fake account on Facebook.

b. After becoming friends, scammers can allow them to your timeline or tag you in posts or send you a spam link or send you a direct message, etc.

Step4: Don't click suspicious links, even if they appear to come from a friend or a company you know

These were some tools and tips with the help of which you can keep your Facebook account secure.

In this, you have to take care of many other things. We are telling you in the points given below that people face different problems while using Facebook.

I think my friend's Facebook account was hacked.

I think my Facebook Page was hacked or taken over by someone else.

My personal Facebook account is disabled.

How do I recover an old Facebook account that I can't log in to?

How can I see someone's story on Facebook?


My Facebook account was hacked and used to make purchases on apps.

Notes: "If you're worried about the security of your account, we can help you with Get Me Live Help.

Firstly, can you tell us what's happening with you? I've found a post, message, or event that I didn't create Someone else got into my account without my permission

I found an account that uses my name or photos People can see things that I thought were private I can't see the right option in this list" 

If you are facing all these problems then you can contact us directly or call us directly. We will do our best to help you Our team is available 24 hours to help you