How to contact customer service at amazon?

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How to contact customer service at amazon?

Contact to Amazon's customer care department is the most effective way to find solutions going to orders, transportation, returns, and whatever else connecting with your record.

You can call Amazon straightforwardly for fast responses, yet you really want to have an Amazon account with a cell phone connected to it.

Here are the most effective ways to contact Amazon to assist with pretty much anything connected with your Amazon account.

You can call Amazon straightforwardly for fast responses, yet you really want to have an Amazon account with a cell phone connected to your account

Does Amazon have a phone number for customer service?

The Google search "does Amazon have a telephone number" returns around 2,200,000 hits. Fortunately, the answer is yes, they do. Amazon's client support telephone number is 1-888-280-4331. What's more, you can call that number 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

In any case, calling Amazon frequently accompanies a stand by, and it additionally expects you to have close by a cell phone that is combined with your Amazon account, as the client assistance agent will send you a confirmation code through instant message before you can start posing your inquiries or sharing an issue.

Assuming that calling appears to be a problem, notwithstanding - even without any difficulty of voice-directing an approach an Amazon Echo - there are alternate ways of reaching the organization.

How to contact Amazon via chat?

Regularly an internet-based talk with an Amazon client support rep is a simpler method for reaching out to Amazon and to determine an issue. This is the way to get it done.

1. While signed in and on the fundamental page, look to the lower part of the page and, under the segment marked "Let Us Help You," click on "Help."

 2. On the following page, under the heading "Peruse Help Topics," drift over (or tap if on versatile) "Need More Help?"

 Click "Get in touch with Us" from the menu that appears to the acceptable.

 3 On the following page, select the overall area of worry from the four subjects advertised "An Order I Placed," "Gadgets," "Computerized Content and Services," or "Prime or Something Else."

4. Click the drop-down bar(s) under "Let us know more."

5. Click the button that shows up with "Talk" to initiate a web-based discussion with a client care rep.

How to contact amazon or How to email amazon?

Assuming you like to contact Amazon by email, there are two methods by which you can send letters. However, I've figured out that the reaction opportunity is frequently 48 hours or even a smidgen more. All things considered, an email makes a record of your correspondence and in this manner may be the best strategy for certain issues.

1. For issues with your Amazon account, for example, a charging debate, refund, prime activation, you should email

2. For general requests, you should email

The most effective method to contact Amazon via social media

Assuming your favored strategy for correspondence is social media, you can remark, Tweet, or hashtag one of their few records. This isn't the most productive method for contacting them, however, it can permit you to air an issue, conceivably drawing additional careful tending to of the issue from the organization.

Amazon's Twitter account is @amazon.

Their Facebook page is

On Instagram, there - you got it - @amazon.

However, assuming you need answers quickly, simply get the telephone and call Amazon. There are reps prepared to take care of you. (I even made up an inquiry and called them myself quite recently to ensure I could get past effortlessly.)