How can i talk to ebay customer service-2022 ?

How can i talk to ebay customer service-2022

How can i talk to ebay customer service-2022 ?

Regardless of whether you generally dislike a thing you just got via email or an inquiry concerning how to begin selling things on eBay, you can contact eBay and an organization agent will be prepared to take care of you.

For customer care issues, for example, observing a request that never shown up, you can call customer service at 1800 209 3229; for technical support utilize 1-866-961-9253.

Through the "Help and Contact" area on eBay's site, you can limit your issue to get a particular 866 number, which you can call with a going with a password that you'll have to enter.

You can likewise contact eBay through Twitter or pose inquiries of the eBay Community, however, you can't email eBay for customer care

Regardless of whether you generally dislike a request that never shown up, an item that appeared harmed or inadequate, or you, when all is said and done, are an eBay vendor and are definitely disapproving of a client, you don't need to confront your issues alone. eBay has administration reps available to help you, so contact eBay and request a little help.

The answers for some normal eBay issues can be found in various succinct articles distributed on the site - think themes like "Return a thing for a discount" or "Following your thing." You can track down these articles by punching a couple of watchwords into the hunt bar under the "Help and Contact" part of the site.

How to contact eBay via Twitter??

You can likewise go to the eBay people group to pose an inquiry (and peruse past Q&A meetings) or you can even have a go at Tweeting at eBay by means of the @AskeBay Twitter handle.

Shockingly, however, the most effective way to reach out to eBay is old school. Simply get the telephone and call them. Or on the other hand, request that they call you so you don't need to look out for a hold.

For the quickest support, don't utilize the principal client assistance number, however, all things considered, require a moment to depict your issue by means of the site to get associated with the right division.

The most effective method to contact eBay customer service for specific issues:

1. Sign into your eBay account - you should be signed into your account so you can get a code that you will use to interface with the right department.

2. Click "Help and Contact" at the highest point of the screen, then, at that point, look down and click "Call us."

3. Click on the issue that most intently lines up with yours ("Buying" or "Account," e.g.) and afterward select the considerably more explicit subject on the following page.

4. Note the one-time password you are given, then, at that point, call the 866 number on the screen and get the assist you with requiring from eBay.