my account disabled because of Facebook Community Standards

how to solve my account disabled because of Facebook Community Standards

my account disabled because of Facebook Community Standards

Facebook has many such policies, Which we do not even know, Facebook disables our account without any warning, due to which we have an option to get our account back that is "request a review" this is the last option to get your account back.

A great many individuals sign into Facebook every day. We transfer subtleties of our lives to it, share photographs, use it to interface with companions, partners, friends, and family, and maintain our organizations on Facebook. For some, it has become something or other that you believe you can't live without.


Envision then, at that point, try to sign in to your Facebook account one day and be told your Facebook account is disabled. Facebook can lock or incapacitate your record out of the blue. Then, at that point, may limit you while you are signed in, or may keep you from signing in by any means. There are various reasons concerning why they do this and as long as you probably are aware why, much of the time, the method for settling it is moderately basic but baffling.


You might have attempted to get to your Facebook account one morning, and been stood up to with a message that your record had been debilitated, or locked for the sake of security. This would come as a shock and with next to no explanation given you will feel powerless.



Reasons Why Your Facebook Account May Have Been Locked or Disabled 

Fake Account: If you did not use your real name Facebook will eventually find out.

Misrepresentation: If you created a page that impersonates a person or entity it will be locked or even closed without warning.

Groups Joined: If You have joined too many groups. don't join too many groups, The maximum limit is 200 groups per user.

Spam: If you posted too many messages on a wall or in a group is too short a time span, it can be considered spam.

Friends: You may have friend-requested too many people. Facebook has instituted a maximum of 5000 friends policy, so this reason should be a rarity of the case.

Under Age: You are under 18 years old and not part of a High School group.

Offensive Content: if You wrote offensive content.

Frequency: You may have sent “too many” friend requests or made “too many” wall posts (especially with identical content) in a short time frame.

Hacked: Somebody may have tried to gain access to your account, so Facebook needs you to verify you are who you say you are. Typically someone will report and flag you for this activity.

Malware: On the off chance that it's a possible issue, you will be given a spring up after signing in, provoking you to examine your PC. Despite the fact that you may as of now have an exceptional infection program know that malware isn't really an 'infection' so it may not be identified.