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Airtel Customer Care Number

Understand Airtel with ease and get rid of the hassle: Your guide to Airtel customer service numbers

Sometimes facing problems in customer care service-related matters is like wandering in a maze. But don't worry, Airtel users! This blog is your trusted guide, taking you straight to the right Airtel customer service number for your needs.

So, before we dive in, are you an Airtel:

  • Prepaid mobile user, enjoying the flexibility of pay-as-you-go?
  • Postpaid subscriber, with the comfort of a monthly bill?
  • Broadband whiz, streaming shows, and surfing the web at lightning speed?
  • DTH viewer, glued to your favorite channels on Airtel Digital TV?

Whichever category fits you, we've got you covered!

Airtel Prepaid Customer Care:

  • Main Number: Dial 121 from your Airtel mobile for free assistance.
  • Toll-free Numbers: For specific regions, you can also call:
    • North: 0124-4448080
    • West: 020-44448080
    • East: 033-44448080
    • South: 080-44448080 (tolled) or 020 40181400 (tolled) & toll-free from Airtel mobile 12150

Airtel Postpaid Customer Care:

  • Main Number: Similar to prepaid, dial 121 from your Airtel mobile.
  • Specific Numbers: While 121 works, some circles have dedicated postpaid numbers:
    • Check the official Airtel website for your circle's specific number.

Airtel Broadband Customer Care:

  • Main Number: Dial 1800 103 1555 for 24/7 support.

Airtel DTH Customer Care:

  • Main Number: Call 12150 from your Airtel mobile for free.
  • Toll-free Number: You can also reach them at 1800 103 1555.

Bonus Tip: Airtel's website ( has a handy "Live Chat" option for quick queries. You can also manage your account online or through the MyAirtel app.


  • These numbers are for India. If you're from another country, check Airtel's international contact details.
  • Save these numbers in your phone for easy access!

With this guide, you're now equipped to navigate Airtel's customer care like a pro. No more wandering lost, just smooth sailing towards resolving your queries!